Jul 6, 2009

"Kitten of the Sea" & Module Growths

"Kitten of the Sea"
Foam, wood, epoxy, resin, glue, pigment, objects
April 2009

Exhibited at + Fine Art BFA Exhibition, Main Street SRQ

"Module Growths + Tables"
Paper, ink, epoxy + wood, mirror
April 2009

Exhibited at + "Quarry" Crossley Gallery, April 2009

Jul 5, 2009

Apr 3, 2009

"Quarry" 3 April 2009

The Crossley Gallery Ringling College of Art & Design 7-10 pm

by Kayla Carlson

wall installation by Romy Maloon

sculpture by Romy Maloon

sculpture by Kayla Carlson

wall piece by Romy Maloon

Sculpture by Kayla Carlson

Horn piece by Romy Maloon

Book by Kayla Carlson

Sculptures by Kayla Carlson

Artist Romy Maloon and her Mother

by Kayla Carlson

By Romy Maloon

By Romy Maloon

Entrance to Gallery

(Photos by Michelle Fisher)

Kayla Carlson & Romy Maloon

ABOVE REPOSTED FROM + crossleygallery.blogspot.com (photos by Michelle Fisher)

"The Mushroom Tree"
Yellow Pine trunk, resin casts, epoxy, acrylic
9ft x 1ft
December 08